sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2007

My favorite toy : Kup (Transformers generation 1)

Well, this is my favorite toy for many reasons. Was the christmas present from my beloved grandpa. Other important thing, I chose the toy among various others. In my childhood I got several others transformers and robots, but Kup was the only one chose by me. And was my grandpa's present. Kup in fact was a very old autobot and in a way, I see my grandpa through him. In robot mode Kup looks very nice, I love the colors and design. The head sculpt is perfect and for me is like the true face of wisdom. The alt mode is awesome, is like a cybertronian pickup.. I love this toy damn!!
Special mention for the incredible boxart, but what the shit, I love ALL the old G1boxart!

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