martes, 13 de noviembre de 2007

"Pepito", my old cat.

I remember very well my cat, the cold days with him. I remember those days, resting so peaceful in my bed, with no conflicts in mind, only resting... with my cat on my back.
I really miss him. A lot. Hails and drinks for my old cat, he deserves immortality.

sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2007

Cryptopsy - And then you'll Beg.

I know, this album is from 2000 but I'm listening to it right now. Well, when I first heard this canadian band around '99 I was very shocked for the brutality and at the same time, unique style and technique. I play bass guitar, and listen the brilliant bass lines on this album is a pleasure to my ears. Eric Langlois is a very talented bass player, he uses fingerstyle (in this style is not that common) and of course slapping and tapping here like crazy. The vocals of DiSalvo are ok but I like more the voice of Lord Worm for this band. Flo Munier is incredible, amazing drummer. The guitar work is very good too of course. Well, for fans of extreme and ultra technique death metal with a bass approach, this is a must. This is like Primus ultra death metal LOL!!. Awesome band. 9/10

My favorite toy : Kup (Transformers generation 1)

Well, this is my favorite toy for many reasons. Was the christmas present from my beloved grandpa. Other important thing, I chose the toy among various others. In my childhood I got several others transformers and robots, but Kup was the only one chose by me. And was my grandpa's present. Kup in fact was a very old autobot and in a way, I see my grandpa through him. In robot mode Kup looks very nice, I love the colors and design. The head sculpt is perfect and for me is like the true face of wisdom. The alt mode is awesome, is like a cybertronian pickup.. I love this toy damn!!
Special mention for the incredible boxart, but what the shit, I love ALL the old G1boxart!

viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2007

Introduction to the Cthulhu Mythos

Well, besides J.R.R.Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) is just one of my favorites writers, when I read his works for the first time back in 1996, I was very pleased and I really likes his kind of words. He created a vast and terrifying world dominated by fear and desperation. He makes a mythology known as "Cthulhu Cycle", made by several tales, dreams and poetry. Of course he was very influenced by Poe and Lord Dudsany in his begin.
When HPL died, others writers continued their legacy, like Clark Ashton Smith and August Derleth. In fact, Derleth continued several tales started by HPL himself. After that, even more authors continued working based on HPL views, like Brian Lumley. Basically, the Cthulhu Cycle is the legend told in the "Necronomicon", the evil book written by the mad arab Abdul Alzhared.
If any of you is new to HPL, I recommend to read "At the Mountains of Madness" or the famous "Call of Cthulhu".

Transformers Movie 2007 review - Ratchet

Ratchet was my first movie figure and still is my favorite. I just love the design and colors. The alt mode is great and the robot mode is awesome. Great articulation and details here and there. The only thing that I miss is a weapon!
Well, other bad thing is that Nothing of the original Ratchet comes in my mind when I see this new incarnation...
The art box of this line is very detailed but I don't find the "transformer feeling" on the desingns. Anyway, in general this is a very nice add in any transformer collection for sure.